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Prepper Central Magazine! This is the big news we have been working on for the last month or so. We felt it was about time to spread our wings and provide our readers in the United States and abroad with more in-depth information you can use, and we need your help to do it. Our mission is to break all the stereotypes that the preparedness lifestyle has received over the years. Even though this will be a digital publication, you will still have the ability to print it out and keep the original format. This allows us to provide a great informational resource at a very affordable price.

Let us begin to tell you what all the great details are. We felt the need to assemble a team of preparedness experts and bring them onboard as staff writers so you will get dependable information from reliable sources. I am honored and proud to say that we have Survivor Jane, Ron Foster, and Tara Dodrill on our staff, along with others who are coming on board to be announced soon. As I said earlier, this will be in digital format so we can also include videos, audio, etc. The software we have chosen is great because it also allows you to print the magazine in its entirety. This will allow you to keep the information as a handy reference, especially if you weren’t able to use electronics. But wait, it gets better!

We wanted to stand out from other publications and have our own unique format. While the magazine is titled after our website, it will be a stand alone entity that will cover not just preparedness but homesteading and survivalists topics as well. We wanted this publication to be one that even a non-prepper would pick up and find useful. This enables us to share information across all areas that are normally resistant to the preparedness lifestyle. And yet, there is more…

There will be benefits for subscribers and they are as follows:

  • Subscribers will be automatically entered in monthly giveaways and contests
  • Subscribers will have access to a Members Only area on the website
  • There will be special discounts and coupon codes to various vendors for subscribers
  • Subscribers will also receive invites to special events
This is a mock up of what our magazine cover will look like. A real issue will completely different.

This is a mock up of what our magazine cover will look like. A real issue will completely different.

As we grow, the benefits will grow. We would like to engage our readers and have you participate as well. We don’t want our readers to just read the current month’s issue and be done. We will ask our readers to submit suggestions for an article they may want more information about. While we have a laundry list of how to make this a great publication that will be around for years to come, we can’t make this possible without your help.

So how can you help? We have launched a crowd funding campaign that will help us secure the necessary items we need to make this a successful launch. First and foremost, we need the software to create this magazine. We require a secure server to maintain the website and subscription database.  We also have to compensate the writers for their professional services.  Prepper Central Mag will be purchasing the items for unique giveaways on a monthly basis that are only available to our subscribers. We also felt that we would be able to offer a very low subscription rate through this campaign so we can get everyone onboard for 2014. By subscribing now, you will not only help us get started, but you will receive a discounted rate. Though the magazine rates will remain affordable, rates will increase once the crowd funding campaign has ended. We hope you are able to support us by taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Thank you to all of our readers. Your dedication to our site is what keeps us going and without you we would not survive. Please take a moment to visit our crowd funding page as there may be a perk that catches your eye. A subscription would make a great holiday gift to a friend or family member. Thank you.


Stay safe!


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