Compound Bow: Proper Fitting

We are continuing our discussion on archery and beginning tips. If you are thinking about adding archery as a skill in your preparedness program, please make sure to take the appropriate steps to get yourself and loved ones ready for an enjoyable experience. While some folks may become overwhelmed at first, we have found that sticking with the basics will help any new archer be successful (and less stressed) when starting out.

When looking to purchase a compound bow, you must be properly fitted to it. You just can’t pick up a bow and expect to shoot it. It is the same principal as sighting in a rifle, it’s not a “one size fits all” concept. You have to make sure you are comfortable with the particular bow. Is it too heavy? Is the draw (pulling back the string) too heavy and you are unable to pull it. This is one that always gets people. Is the draw length too long or too short? Not only can an improperly set up bow cause you to be inaccurate, but it could also cause an injury to the shooter.

Check out this short video on proper compound bow fitment.


Remember Christmas is right around the corner. A new bow would look nice under any tree. 🙂



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