Doomsday Preppers: We Are The Marauders… FAIL!!

I know I am late for this but I had to get it off my chest. Rant On: I do not know whether to be angry, laugh, or cry. While I don’t believe in shooting the messenger which in this case would be NatGeo, I am just floored that someone would have the nerve and audacity to preach this bullcrap! We never hold back from our readers, so I apologize ahead of time.

Before even watching the episode, we were tipped off by some of our readers who had already seen it. It was in total disbelief that this was aired on television, period. I’m not bashing NatGeo as they have to do what they need to survive as a media outlet. I am sure we have shared articles which were unpopular with the masses so I completely understand. The people I have a bone to pick with is Tyler Smith and the rest of the thugs in Spartan Survival Group. Are you for real? You really think that preaching thievery and criminal actions are good to go? With people like this around I don’t know what is worse, the SHTF event or them!

While I am all for learning all that you can about the good and evil in this world, I am just taken back by the fact that these people even consider themselves to be Preppers. Many times have we warned there are bad people out there who plan to take your stuff, I guess it was time for it to hit the television. These people don’t scare me at all for I know the good people will take care of them. While you should ALWAYS prepare to run into fools like these, just remember the good will outnumber them significantly.

Keep your skills in check. Make sure you can stay one step ahead of thugs like this group. Gather as much information and intel as you can. The funny thing is that the good people know who’s this group is and what their agenda is. They will not last long if anything ever happens. I’m not going to turn this into a middle school bash of Tyler Smith and his group. The facts speak for themselves and our readers saw this bull from a mile away. If you learned anything from this episode, is this is who we warn you about. The scary part is they are armed and can inflict harm or damage on innocent people. Stay ahead of the game and just be as ready as you can. Since the Smiths are teaching their children that it is acceptable to steal from others, use this as an opportunity to teach your children differently. Rant Off


Stay safe out there!


We Are The Marauders

The Smiths will come for your stuff!

Tyler Smith 1

Tyler Smith will come to take your food and supplies by force!

Chris Pedrini

Chris Pedrini

They have these?

They have these?


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  1. The Facebook link is dead… if they really have grenades, hopefully they will be in prison soon.

    • I was amazed they had that picture. I’m sure they were probably paid a visit if that’s the case. Wonder if we will ever know. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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