Don’t Become The Hunted

Congrats!!! You survived the event that has brought our country to its knees and changed life as we know it forever. You have all your top notch preparedness gear, a sweet food supply which should last about a year, and a cache of firearms that would make the local gun show look small. To sweeten the pot, your bug out location is one that others can only dream of having. Running streams and plenty of fertile land which will have you growing the best crops any farmer could ask for. Your friends and family are comfortable and it feels like you just changed locales from what you are used to rather than having just survived the recent catastrophe. But there is just one problem. You didn’t hear the approaching group of 100+ escaped prisoners coming your way. Now the shu shu is really going to hit the fan.

You and your group scramble to get to your weapons and secure your loved ones, while the bad guys are shooting at your cabins. It seems like they are coming out of everywhere. They have flanked both sides of your property and it appears you are out numbered. What would you do? I know all of our readers would fight the good fight. But could have this situation been avoided? Absolutely! While we always look at worst case scenarios to help us prepare, let’s talk about preventative measures that can be taken to avoid a tragedy such as this.

First of all, I know everyone does not or cannot afford a bug out location as the one mentioned. Some may have one, but in reality a lot of folks will be forced to bug in unless it is too dangerous to stay in your area. If you have to remain in your neighborhood, ask yourself this question; can I count on my neighbors? Would I trust them with my family’s lives? If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to move on. If yes, then here is what must happen. Security is going to be one of your top priorities. If you all have adequate supplies to make it through how ever long, you will need to worry about others who don’t have and will come to you for help. This also applies to folks who do have bug out locations far off the beaten path. People WILL find you at some point. Unless you are truly in a location that is hard to get to, inevitably someone will wander onto your property. We all know when they are hungry this changes the game.

Here is a list that you can use as a foundation for your plan:

Scouts – This is a HUGE asset to have. A lot of what was mentioned in the story about could have been avoided if you knew what was coming. These folks are your eyes and ears for what is going on around you. They perform recon of the surrounding areas and bring the intel back so you can all decide on a plan of action. Remember, these people are not going out there to shoot ’em up, they are just gathering intelligence. Who is coming (do they look like people with bad intent)? What is coming (how many, vehicles, how armed are they)? Where are they (in relation to your location)? When will they be there (how long do you have before first contact)? If they don’t look like they have bad intent and they are heading your way, try to initiate contact. This way you will be able to control the situation before it gets to your front door. Have a plan in place in case the individuals you encounter are scouts for others. I know it is a cat and mouse game, but you will have to play in order to survive.

Make Your Area Unwelcoming – If you are still in the suburbs, you would need to have security posted at all main entrances. People will try to sneak around so make sure you have these areas manned as well. If you are in the woods, make all paths impassable. By using large rocks, fallen trees, etc., make it difficult for anyone to drive right up. Also make it look like no one has been through these areas by covering your tracks. Leave no trace.

Create Traps/Security Alarms – While this can work for either situation, you can become very creative in the woods. There are so many things you can choose from or make. Whether they are security devices to make noise or actual traps that would kill or disable someone, this is entirely up to the end user. Whatever you do, make sure everyone in your group is well aware of their location and what they will do. I would make sure to have these set a interval distances from your location. This way you could have some notice before they show up on your doorstep.

Spare Supplies – Not all who may show up will be bad people. I know we can get a little carried away with all the worry of the boogey man coming to get us, but we also need to remain human and help each other. With that being said, stockpile some extra provisions for those who may wander into your area and truly just need something. You have a few choices here; you can see if they have any skills they can contribute to your group to help or if you don’t/can’t take them on, give them some provisions to take with them. Yes, this is a sticky situation but you will have to go with your gut feeling on this.

Create “Rubik’s Cube” – If you remember the puzzle Rubik’s Cube, you will remember it was a pain in the rear for most of us. Do the same for your location. I know this will be difficult in a suburban area, but you can still make it difficult for others to maneuver in your area. For remote areas, you can have a field day (no pun intended) with this. Not only having hardened positions to fight from would be great, but make it difficult to impossible for them to find and fight you. If you have a clear shot at them, but they don’t have one on you, the battle has been decided. Another idea would be to have routes that you can use to escape or flank. If the group of bad guys see it is too tough to get you and they take on too many casualties in the process, they will most likely move onto the next target.

As I said earlier, this is just a list that will help you create a foundation for your plan. While there is much more that I left out, it really will depend on the situation you are faced with. Everyones situation is different and this is why the plan must be customized to fit your needs. Use common sense and your best judgement is what will save your rear in the end. As always, we love feedback from our readers, so please feel free to comment on this article.

Stay safe.


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