Kids Wilderness Survival

I know some folks like to spend more time in the woods when the weather is cooler and they bring their children along as well. We don’t touch on survival tips for children as much as we should, so here is some insight on what you can do to help educate your children in this area. Don’t let them end up like Hansel and Gretel.

Kid’s Wilderness Survival Tips

What’s the most important thing to remember if you get lost?

Get found! Don’t make it hard for people to find you.

Stay put, stay calm, stay together and stay seen!

Take a timeout: Take a deep breath; thinking and talking out loud can help you keep calm.

Sound Off – Sing, whistle or talk out loud – someone may hear you.

Think – Remember: think first, then act.

Observe – Yourself, your surroundings and your supplies

Plan –Based on your observations, make preparations for shelter and safety.


Use your Kid’s Wilderness Survival Pack:

Clean water – a necessity

Snacks – for energy

Whistle – it can be heard better than your voice – three whistles means I need help! Do it often so people can find you.

Sun screen and a hat – avoid painful sunburn

Garbage Bag – rain protection and shelter

Compass – learn how to use it. It’s fun!

Bandana – bright red or orange for signaling

Flashlight – to see at night and signal for help

Old CD – reflects the sun as a day signal

First Aid Kit with handwipes – just in case


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