A Serious Knife… The Karambit

Let’s take a look at another alternative to when the bullets run out, or you simply cannot use a firearm. I love sharp and pointy things just as much as those that go bang! A blade is a tool. One of utility and of self preservation. If you haven’t begun to ad these to your preps, you better get started.

As with any part of your preparedness program, variety and flexibility go hand in hand. I wanted to show you this You Tube video on the Karambit. It is not an instructional video, it shows how versatile it can be in a bad situation. As with anything, you should seek professional training, but we wanted to expand our reader’s palates and give you some exposure to this great tool. For our readers who know what the Karambit is, or have experience with it, the video is still neat to watch.


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