American Blackout – The Post Premier Review

Last night was the premier of American Blackout. Like myself, a lot of folks didn’t know what to expect with this movie. Since the inception of Doomsday Preppers and all the shows that have trailed it, people have expressed their views on whether the folks portrayed on these shows are normal or nuts. But with last night’s showing of American Blackout, I think NatGeo has redeemed themselves and shed some positive light on the reality of being prepared. WARNING: This review will contain some spoilers so be forewarned.

Let me first start with saying kudos to the team at NatGeo. I was impressed on how they kept the story line simple but very realistic. The concern of a cyber attack on our power grid has been something long discussed and yet very little has and can be done about prevention. While they say the attacks are ongoing and we have avoided some catastrophes, luck can only last so long. During the movie we were on Twitter and joined in the chat about the show. It was interesting to see how many “new” folks popped up with concerns about this. Many said this was realistic and they want to know how to prepare. I enjoyed it because it sparked intelligent conversation and got people thinking.

When the lights went out in the first phase, people found it to be an inconvenience and nothing more. Except for those who were in elevators or on the subway, they were concerned about being late or missing whatever they were trying to get to. I think the realization hit when the media reported the blackout was spreading across the country. This is where it became interesting. If this were to really happen, I know our readers would have hit the Defcon 5 button by this time.

The way the movie was portrayed through the experiences of different people was brilliant. We were able to see the effects of the blackout through the eyes of people who are oblivious to the situation and those who have prepared for something like this long ago. But there was a catch, even those prepared had shortcomings. Here are some thoughts for you to ponder:

  • The Apartment Couple –  Not prepared at all. Completely oblivious to what was going on. Wanted to blame everyone else for their problem and in the end suffered horribly.
  • The Elevator College Kids –  Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Could have taken it a little more serious and found a way out sooner. Good example on how there will be casualties in an event like this.
  • Family With Pregnant Wife –  Should have not ventured out together in the car. It should have been known that with no power, the street lights will be out and traffic would be very dangerous. But hey, delivering a baby on the side of the road was epic.
  • The Prepper Family – Now this was my favorite!! While I think their plan looked great on paper, it was horribly executed in real life. I can write another article alone on what they did wrong. But let me sum it up for you…. lone wolf tactics can and will get you killed. Understood?  While I will catch heck for this, it doesn’t hurt to share some food with people who may be able to help you in the long term. If the father would have shared some supplies and helped out the neighbor, they may have had a secure block and things would not have went south. Food for thought.

I have left out some like the “home alone kid” and all because it was a crappy situation but he did ok on his own. Let’s touch on some subjects that you need to think about and discuss. Wake up and start putting away some supplies. You saw how stores ran out by day three and the price gouging was out of control. This WILL happen and those who didn’t prepare will be screwed. Cash on hand is great, but if you are going to pay $10.00 for a can of peaches, then you are no better off than anyone else.

Make a plan. Have somewhere that you and your family can meet if this were to happen during a regular work day or something. If you live in a questionable area, make plans to go elsewhere if possible. Security is very important and I hope people can see it will deteriorate when folks get hungry and thirsty. This is basic human survival.

I feel NatGeo did a very good job on getting people to think outside the box. What are your thoughts and has this changed anything for you?


Stay safe folks!


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