A Slingshot?

Yup a slingshot. When I was young, the boys in the neighborhood would always play with toy guns or homemade slingshots. Who would have ever known that it can be considered a viable tool for survival. I know some of our readers have had experience with using them for hunting and such, but I am aware most of our readers have not given this tool much thought. We recently discussed using archery as a skill in your preparedness program, but let us take a look at the slingshot.

Picture this: you are unable to use your firearm because of the noise it would generate. You have your bow, but you are out of arrows. So your last hope is the slingshot in your bag. You pull it out with a 1/2 inch steel ball and zap, the job is done. You will be eating that small game tonight. There are a myriad of uses I can see a slingshot coming in handy for, but we need to put it to the test to see how you can benefit from one being in your gear. We are going to be field testing the Montie Y-Shot. From the looks of it, this slingshot doesn’t mess around. We look forward to putting this to the test and letting folks know our findings. So stay tuned as we will bring the field report to you.





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