Insanely Hot Beef Jerky

I like hot foods but they don’t like me sometimes. This recipe not only looks good, but you can make it in your oven as well. You don’t have to have a dehydrator. Give it a shot!


  • 3 pounds of beef (or any meat type)
  • Extreme Hot Sauce
  • Meat Tenderizer
  • Table salt (or curing salt)
  • Pepper



  1. You can either season your meat before you cut it or go ahead and cut it into strips and then season. Either way, poke some holes into your meat and pour on the Insanity Sauce to get that spicy flavor all the way into the middle of your meat! Also sprinkle on your meat tenderizer, salt and pepper. You wont need any other hot/spicy ingredients because the Insanity Sauce will definitely take care of that!
  2. If you’re going with the dehydrator method, go ahead and set it on it’s lowest temp. and set out your strips on the racks, without touching. The length of time is up to you but typically it’s anywhere between 12-20 hours.
  3. Oven Method – set your oven on its lowest temp. as well and cover a cookie sheet with foil and lay out your strips, without touching and pop into the oven! Remember, leave the oven door propped open for proper ventilation and dry out for about 6-10 hours but check periodically.
  4. Smoker – have your chips picked out ahead of time, the flavor is up to you, and lay out your strips, without touching, on the racks with the temp. set to the lowest possible. Check occasionally anywhere after the first couple of hours. Should be done after around 5-8. Enjoy!
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