Social Media Goes Down In A SHTF Event

It all started at 12:09, and then again at 2:13 AM when I got an EMERGENCY ALERT NWS that stands for National Weather Service that was sent to my smart phone. The thought then came to mind how would we get a notification of a SHTF event? Who would send that to me NWS, local authorities, our Government? I wouldn’t hold my breath. My next question I thought about was how long would social media be up and running to send out tweets, Facebook comments, text messages etc.

Besides being prepared & stocked with ammo, guns, gear, food, and water. You also have to be prepared with a plan and most of all, mentally prepared. Mind set is important and key when surviving. If survival mode doesn’t kick in when the SHTF, then all the gear in the world won’t do you any good if your stuck in place by feared and shock. I won’t have all the answers for you here, only you know what’s best for you to give/receive alerts in your area, what you have, what you’re capable of doing to prepare.

Let’s begin with these steps:

(1) Evaluate your group whether it’s in your local area or online community. Like minded people are key when establishing a network of communication to share and receive information. If you’re a Prepper, you will not follow fashion trends, who’s hot who’s not or celebrities news. That will do you NO good in receiving SHTF news. Follow like minded people.

(2) Come up with a plan of how you will communicate and relay information from your neck of the woods. Establish a point of contacts, example if you live in California, Texas, Montana, anyone on the east coast. These point of contacts would be great for getting info across the nation from one point to the next.

(3) How long will you have before the grid or social media goes down? That’s the big question no one can answer. Let’s hope we have at least 24hrs to get the word out to our family, friends, and the prepper community you’ve established to send out your plan of action. Whether that’s where to meet and send our your plan of action for others. Like many preppers have stated “Don’t rely on the Government to save you or always keep you informed with the truth”.

(4) When the grid and social media goes down, then what? This is where your preps come into play. Every prepper knows to have a crank or battery operated radio to keep some form of news available that is relayed over the airwaves. CB radio or walkie talkies are other forms of communicating after social media sites have gone down. It was suggested to me recently to look up HAM license on the interweb with names and address. It would be a good idea to print this list out, so that you have on site if the web goes down and all power is lost.

(5) Here’s where you write your own step & chapter in your guide to communications on social media in a SHTF event. I try to mentally prepare myself by watching Youtube videos from other preppers, joining social media sites like Prepper Central and other like minded people. Relying on the resources and people within my own community. I would suggest you do the same. Good luck!


By: Red October

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