A New Beginning

Hello everyone and welcome to Prepper Central. This is our new site, but not a new concept. The term “Prepper” has many meanings and it also depends on who you ask. We have created this site to not only educate the general public about preparedness, but to make this a learning process for us as well.

While there is a mountain of events or incidents one can prepare for, we will try to cover the realistic events which may occur by the problems plaguing society today. From terrorism to natural disasters, we will provide the information we feel is valuable. Though obtaining this through careful research and input from our readers; we believe that everyone will be able to take away some information which may prove to be useful.

There are many sites out there which provide a plethora of information, and we respect each of them. Sites such as the Survival Blog, owned by Mr. James W. Rawles, who is a highly regarded resource for these topics, to the Apartment Prepper Blog, we believe they provide vital information that needs to be shared. Please keep in mind, we are not experts nor do we claim to be. We use our life experiences and skills to apply them in a practical manner in which you can use your own judgment if these techniques will work for you or not.

Please note that the content we provide or disseminate will be for any hidden agenda. This site is purely for informational purposes and hopefully will help someone, some day. We do not condone or support any anti-government or racial supremacy movements. No illegal activity period! We are interested in personal preparedness and prepping to care for our families and loved ones. With that said, let’s have fun!!

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