For Some, Being A “Prepper” Will Get You Killed

Yes I said it. For some, if not most, being a “Prepper” will get you and your loved ones killed. Is this a bold statement? I believe it to be, but it is a fact. While all over the Internet you read, SHTF this and SHTF that. So let’s stop bullshitting one and other because everyone knows the truth. In the end it will be survival of the fittest. You can spend 100K on a shelter, gear, food, etc. and still become one of the poor saps who didn’t survive. Imagine you have all that cool “stuff” and you are forced to leave it all behind due to the situation? That would suck.

I know you are asking yourself why is he saying all of this? Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Is he out of his mind? No, I am just fine. It is time people stopped getting sucked in with all the fluff and stuff and woke up. I can honestly say I have a lot respect for a handful of people I would call true Preppers/Survivalists who will be here after whatever goes down. Most of you know them and visit their websites. While prepping has become a booming business, it is just that, a business. No one can look into their crystal ball and predict what is coming down the pipe. Can you prepare for anything? Yes you can. It is called adaptation. Many people did it long before we were a gleam in our parents’ eyes, and they survived. But most folks have become so dependent on “stuff” it has made their natural survival instincts go the way of the DoDo.

While I know a lot of people are probably offended by all this as I am not bashing anyone in particular and if you are butt hurt by this, I am sorry that you are. But I do not apologize for what I am saying. Why don’t we follow Lou Reed’s advice and take a walk on the wild side? We have the cool television shows such as Doomsday Preppers and now the really cool show Doomsday Castle. I hope you hear the sarcasm in this. Just like everyone else, I got sucked in long ago. I was under the impression that maybe this show will bring awareness to folks, but when some of the psychopaths started appearing on the show, I was done. They don’t speak for most of us and some (some people were cool) are just morons with money. The latest show is just pure entertainment. It is comedy more than anything else. If they were serious about having a castle in the mountains, they have let the whole world know where they are and how to pay them a visit. Oh, did we say they also don’t have very many skills to boot? You know where I’m going with this so moving on.

Next we have all the different venues for people to have public gatherings, i.e. National Preppers Expo, Convention, Rally, or whatever you want to call it. If you are an informed person and you read not just main stream media, but the underground news, then you are fully aware that this lifestyle is targeted by big brother. Why the hell would you want to have your face shown at one of these events that is considered “taboo” by big bro? I contemplated on going once, but the cons outweighed the pros. If you are looking for information, products, etc., there are many places that you can get this and even for free in most cases. While it is a free country and you can do whatever you want to, give some thought to what may come out of these things. Am I paranoid? No. I am a thinker. Try to be two steps ahead of the game my friends. Life may be a little easier.

Last but not least. Why do most people feel they need to share all of their personal information regarding prepping on social media? Hell, some people even use their real names when doing so. This has ALWAYS baffled me. You show pics of gardens, bug out bags, locations, and even better… weapons. Whether or not Big Bro is watching, at least someone with bad intentions may be watching. As you can see, it is not hard to locate people through these channels. There have been recent articles on how bad guys with excellent military training will plan on how to take your goodies and kill you at the same time. Again, survival of the fittest. As it has been said time and time again, Operational Security (OPSEC). Learn it. Practice it. Live it. Someone sees what you do. Most folks run their mouths and it is natural. As humans, we need social interaction and it is natural to want to share things with close friends and family. Rethink this. Don’t feel pressured into “doing the right thing” because you should. At some point, people can and will let you down. Maybe you can count your true friends and family on one hand and this is fine. Those are the people who you can stick with and survive. The one thing that makes me ill are the groups who post online (Facebook) what they do or are doing. Stay the hell away from that. If you join a group, keep your trap shut and do your thing. Life will be less complicated.

In the end, it is human nature to survive. We have the resolve and desire to do so, but just sometimes lack the intelligence. By intelligence I am referring to training. Spending thousands of dollars on “stuff” isn’t always going to save your ass; real world training will make that gear more effective. You don’t have to go into the woods to accomplish this. Find local CPR or First Responder courses. Hiking, biking, and water activities are all good ways of gaining some useful knowledge and exercise. We all know self defense and tactical training is golden. So if we ever meet, don’t tell me you’re a Prepper. A handshake will be just fine.

Stay safe folks!!



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4 Responses to For Some, Being A “Prepper” Will Get You Killed

  1. actually putting anything, even your thoughts online puts you in danger. no matter if you use a bogus name, never say what you have set aside or your location. if what your saying, a word or phrase,triggers an alarm? they, big brother or anyone computer savvy enough who’s interested enough, can and will visit you.

  2. I don’t think “survival of the fittest” means quite what you think it means. Great and seemingly obvious points though!

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