What Would You Put In This Bag?

Everyone has a Bug Out / GOOD Bag. You always hear the “experts” weigh in on what you should have in your bag. That is all fine and dandy, but we are looking for something different. The average Prepper has a home and some means of income. Not everyone is rich like the folks we see on the cool “Prepper” shows, but they at least have something to put in a bag.

Have you ever thought about what would actually happen to the homeless in case of a SHTF situation? Lets be honest here, most of them don’t have much and use external resources to stay alive. If you or someone you know has ever been homeless, it is well known that there are very little resources for people in this situation. The economy has taken a dump and people are unable to contribute like they used to. So the bottom line is these folks will become casualties of whatever happens. With that being said, here is what I am asking the preparedness community for..

We want a list of what you would carry in a small, and I mean small bag if you were homeless. Yes, there are many different things due to locale, but we are talking about bare bones basics. If you would like to participate, please submit your list to us via our contact page or email info at preppercentral dot com. We are looking to do a project and if your submission helps this project, you will be one happy camper! We are unable to give you all the details at the moment because we are still working on logistics, but we will be announcing it once we are ready.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from everyone.



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6 Responses to What Would You Put In This Bag?

  1. a lighter, matches, copy of ID, small notebook w/pencil, pencil sharpener, (use sharpener to sharpen pencils and make shavings to start a fire) 2 space blankets, a couple of dollars in change wrapped up in a bandana, emergency poncho, twine, pocket knife, bottle of water and some energy bars.

    should all fit into a fanny pack.

    if the bag was a little bit bigger you could put a small fleece blanket, extra pair of socks, thin rain suit, book to read and a small first aid kit.

  2. If I were to pack a bag as if I were truly a homeless person needing a bug out kit, one of the things I would include would be a roll of tin foil packed down into a folded bundle. Used wisely this can double as a cooking and serving dish. A plastic container for water is needed, and I would need a spoon and a pocket knife. Toss in a P-38 can opener and a small flash light.

    My needs would have to include a few layers of cheesecloth and a roll of duct tape. These items can be used for first aid as well as fixes in my travels.

    Alcohol wipes are very versatile. They can cleanse a wound, sanitize hands, clean small utensils, and because of the flammable content, they can be a fire starter. Matches or a heavy duty lighter and a few odds and ends such as a few heavy duty trash bags.

    Some of these items are in my purse, already, as I am on the go constantly where I work and I never know where I will be or be stuck hour to hour.

    Interesting Question, Silent Prepper. I enjoyed sharing my answers. I am sure there are other things we would want to take that would fit in.

  3. I’ll go with a 12 piece kit:
    1. Disinfectant wipes
    2. Swiss Army Knife
    3. Fire starter
    4. Waterproof matches
    5. Water purification bottle
    6. (3) energy bars
    7. Pair of wool socks
    8. (2) Bandanas
    9. Para cord
    10. Solar blanket
    11. Small First Aid Kit
    12. Vaseline(to seal a wound, use as Chapstick or rashes, and could be used as a fire starter also with the right items)

    That’s what I would do, Hope that helped. ๐Ÿ™‚

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