DHS Requests “Riot Control” Gear After Buying Billions Of Bullets

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is purchasing bulk amounts of protective gear for its Federal Protective Service officers to prepare for possible “riot control situations.” They are afraid of domestic unrest, and this is their way of preparing for it.

I guess the DHS is finally getting wise to how much they’ve pissed off the American public…

On June 10, a solicitation was posted on the FedBizOpps website, seeking to outfit offers working for the Federal Protective Service (FPS) of the DHS. The FPS is used mostly to guard government buildings.

Here are the items that the DHS is currently trying to acquire:

– 111 Centurion CPX2500 Soft Shell Riot Control System upper body and shoulder protection, which must “effectively protect the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma.”

– 123 Centurion TPX200 thigh/groin protection systems “designed for blunt trauma protection during riot control situations,” said the solicitation. The gear “protects the thigh area and has an adjustable and removable groin protector.”

– 110 Hatch TS70 Centurion hard shell shin guards, which must provide “substantial protection from flying debris. Non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg.”

– 189 MaxPro-Police riot helmets, which have a “high impact molded half shell helmet with integral visor and neck protector.”

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They are also seeking 116 pairs of tactical gloves and 128 forearm protectors. The equipment is set to be delivered to a FPS facility in Virginia within 45 days of the award.

It has been clear that the DHS has been preparing for civil unrest ever since they began purchasing large amounts of ammunition. The agency has already committed to purchasing over 1.6 billion rounds of bullets over the last year. They even issued a “request for information”, which quizzed bullet makers on how fast they can supply large amounts of ammunition.

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Hundreds of new FPS guards were hired by DHS last year, ordered to protect buildings around the US.

The DHS is clearly preparing for civil unrest and riots, and they suuuure are arming themselves well. Meanwhile, government bureaucrats continue to trample on our Second Amendment rights. How ironic.

From: Before It’s News

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