H&R Pardner Pump Protector 12 Gauge Shotgun Preview

I am an advocate of home defense. I believe it is one’s God given right to defend their loved ones, and it is human instinct to protect those we love from harm. How we accomplish this, is another story. With so many choices of firearms on the market; it can honestly drive someone nuts trying to figure out what would best fit their needs for home defense.

In honesty, it is also a turn-off for some folks and they usually end up choosing a weapon that really does not fit their needs. I have my basic “3-gun” group that I live by; a pistol, rifle, and shotgun. You will ask five people what three firearms they would choose, and you will get five different answers. But there is one most folks would agree on and that is a good old scattergun.

During the holiday season, Santa brought me a H&R Pardner Pump Protector in 12ga.  Now, I have owned an shot many different 12ga. shotguns, but the one I have always fancied was the Remington 870. Keep in mind that Harrington and Richardson is a part of Remington.

My first impression with the Protector was that I was holding the 870’s brother. I know the new 870’s have gone through a facelift, but the Protector was a reminder of days past. Not only did it look like one, but the Protector has a solid feel to it as well. Upon the first “pump”, I had a smile from ear to eat. That sweet, sweet sound of “back the way you came”, or “that dog won’t hunt”, is all I needed to get my senses working.  I have rambled enough, so let’s get down to business. Here are my thoughts and suggestions.

For the money, the build quality is very impressive. Though we still have to do the range test, I am confident it will hold its own. I plan to feed it various loads and of course my personal home defense choice of 00 buckshot or even 000 buckshot. So stay tuned for an upcoming range report.

H&R Pardner Pump Protector


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