Prepper and Reality TV Star PJ Vinch Has Property Raided Over Fears of “Bunkers” and ‘Guns”

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show at 6 PM EST, we bring on PJ Vinch, a vocal activist from the New Jersey area who recently became the victim of a police raid. PJ stars in a reality TV show on TRUTV called “Bear Swamp Recovery”, and he has appeared on the Bob Tuskin Show in the past to discuss the importance of prepping.

The following post was made to his facebook page about the incident:

“What does six squad cars…the Captian of my local police department, SWAT, one Federal Agent and Helicopter have in common? A inspection at my house fearing someone put a bunker full of Guns near a creek that floods every other week next to my house. REALLY? My family has lived there since the 50′s, you could not just ask? Knock on my door? Guns drawn, know what they found? A deer blind..that was made of two pieces of fence bought at Home Depot. And you wonder why people are mistrusting of government. FEDERAL MARSHALS WITH HELICOPTER CALLED FOR A DEER BLIND.”

This situation is reminiscent of a raid that we reported on about a month ago, that took place in Maryland. The following is an excerpt from last months article:

“Now, in a more rural area of Maryland, a man named Terry Porter became the target of a massive manhunt involving FBI and state police after being reported to be a “survivalist” with a “collection of guns” who outlined his anger over the presidential reelection to an undercover officer.

This situation apparently stemmed from an anonymous tip from someone who reported Terry to the police because he owned guns and invested in a bomb shelter.

Where this “anonymous” tip actually came from is still a mystery due to the fact that many of the neighbors in the area who were questioned by reporters have expressed support for Terry and have said that they are extremely offended by the tax dollars and police resources that were used to hunt down a nonviolent person.”

This recent raid is very similar, an anonymous report of an average citizens with guns and a bunker ends up leading to a full scale raid with helicopters and guns drawn.

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