Here They Come: Criminals Now Using Gun Owner Map to Target Homes

When the Journal News created an interactive map exposing gun owners in two New York counties, residents who believed their right to bear arms was a private matter were shocked. Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose name was published on the map along with thousands of other law-abiding homeowners with registered firearms, says that she’s never seen anything like it.

“The irony couldn’t be any richer. The hypocrisy couldn’t be any more outrageous,” says Pirro.

With many officials arguing that semi-automatic firearms pose a danger to society and the Journal News itself in support of keeping guns off the streets, homeowners listed on the map voiced their concerns about being publicly exposed to thieves who may come looking for their guns.

Their concerns have now been realized.

…a burglary has been reported on Davis Ave. in White Plains, New York that evidently ties into The Journal News gun maps. It is reported that the burglar used The Journal News’ interactive gun map to target a home included on the map. Luckily the gun was locked up and no one was hurt.

“The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs. If the connection is proven, this is further proof that these maps are not only an invasion of privacy but that they present a clear and present danger to law-abiding, private citizens. Former convicts have already testified to the usefulness of the asinine Journal News ‘gun maps’ yet the reckless editors are evidently willing to roll the dice, gambling with the lives of innocent local homeowners,” said Senator Greg Ball.

Via Greg Ball, New York State Senator

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