Escalation: Israel Gears Up For Invasion; Calls Up 30,000 Reserve Troops

Explosions have rocked central Gaza as Israel strikes back in response to Hamas attacks. Earlier today rockets from Palestine struck Tel Aviv, reportedly killing three people.

In response, Israel has increased air attacks in Palestine and has called up some 30,000 reserve troops in a gear up for a possible full-on ground invasion of the Gaza strip.

The Israeli defence minister has approved the call-up of 30,000 reservists, Sky News has confirmed.

Sky’s Middle East Correspondent Sam Kiley said: ”In British terms, that is pretty close to 10 brigades – a vast number of troops. These will be armour, infantry and specialists in support, but most likely to fill in the gaps likely to be left as troops are moved down towards Gaza.

“There’s already been an increase in movement of ground troops close to Gaza, the movement of tanks and so on.

“If there is going to be a ground offensive, those troops have got to come from somewhere else and they would need to be back-filled.

“So, in all likelihood, this is all part of the military planning for a ground assault into Gaza, should the Israeli prime minister so order.

An Israeli attack on a Hamas leader two days ago is the catalyst behind the fighting. The video below reportedly shows that targeted assassination of Ahmed Jabari by Israel’s air force:

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