The Original Inhabitants Of This Land

The Internet is filled with resources which discuss survival and preparedness. One aspect of these two topics that is often overlooked are the folks who actually lived this lifestyle; the original inhabitants of this country. I don’t refer to them as Native Americans because this land was not named America when they were the sole inhabitants. Though there were different tribes, they shared one common goal; day to day survival. There is so much we can learn from the way they lived then, and in some ways, now.

Before I continue; we will not tolerate any inappropriate remarks. This is not a discussion on history, it is about prepping and preparedness. We causally discuss preparedness and survival, but the way we currently live is in no way close to it. Unless you have totally moved off of the grid;  we enjoy extreme luxuries in comparison to what the Original Inhabitants had. They weren’t “roughing it”, this was their way of life. So who better than to learn from? Surviving off the land and utilizing the resources available in their area was not only self sufficiency, but it was a skill passed down through generations.

We don’t require fancy gadgets to sustain a fruitful way of living. I’m not dismissing progress, but what I am saying is that some of the old techniques which were successful, do not need to be replaced. Like the old saying, “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.” I like something that has been put to the test before I will adopt the idea or concept. Then again, sometimes one must move forward based on faith alone.

There are some individuals and organizations who teach these skills, so take a moment and check them out. If you are looking for information to help your preparedness needs, read what the tribes in different regions did. Anything from keeping the land fertile to staying warm in the harsh winters, should give you some insight on how to improve your methods. We look forward to hearing how others have utilized old methods in order to prepare for tomorrow.

Edward S. Curtis Photograph

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