Could You Turn Them Away?

This past weekend during the chat we have on Twitter which is #Preppertalk; an interesting question was asked. The question was.. “What will you do when strangers come to your door looking for food?”. Of course this is during or after a SHTF event. My immediate thought was to turn them away, as this is a result of what we have read about in the many places. We will get into this later. The conversation went very well and the information many of the folks provided was very helpful. While there are no right or wrong answers, it made me think about what I would do.

My immediate reaction to the question was to turn the strangers away. I need to be able to provide for my loved ones and my group. If I start giving “hand outs”, we won’t last long. It seems to be the easy way to do it. Send them on their way and forget about it. One person threw a wrench into the mix and said; “What if the strangers had small children with them?”. Ok, now we are playing on emotions. When children are involved, it becomes a different issue. So I had to do some serious thinking about this. Would I be able to make this decision to survive? Maybe. Should we send people off to the unknown? I don’t believe so.

There are so many variables to ponder in a situation like this. Could the small family of strangers actually be scouts for a group of bad guys wanting to take your goods and harm you? Yes, this is a likely scenario. Or could the family (adults) have ulterior motives in order to gain entry into your group or community. We could go on all day with different scenarios, but this is not what I wanted to do. Ask yourself if you could  turn them away. Or would you try to reason with the situation in order to give them what they need and then send them off?

Here are my thoughts on the matter. Your number one priority is the safety and security of your family/group, no exceptions! When you discuss operational security with your group, there should be a procedure in place for this type of scenario. Could it involve bartering? Or an exchange of work for food? If these strangers do not have ill intentions, they should not have an objection to helping in exchange for food and possibly shelter. I know we cannot provide for everyone, but we also have to make an effort to maintain humanity. We talk about preparedness, but we also have to think about those who do not prepare. These people could be your extended family, friends, or even neighbors.

So my final thought on this is to use my gut feeling, but to also display some humanity while keeping my guard up. If we were charged with rebuilding society, we should learn from prior mistakes. Stay safe out there!

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