WTF On BF 2011

Have people lost their minds? Seriously?! As a result of Black Friday this year; people were pepper sprayed, shot, and stabbed. Not to forget getting ripped off in the parking lot after folks paid for their items in the store. You can read about all the festivities from the Washington Post. Not only do I find this discouraging, but disheartening as well. I know times are tough and the economy sucks. You would think that people would be civil and courteous, but that is in a perfect world. It is sad, but some natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina) have shown how people can behave. No one needs to be reminded. We are talking about video games and waffle irons. You thought they were handing out gold bars.

As a Prepper, you have a heightened awareness more so than the average person. We know to avoid situations such as the Black Friday melee, etc. There were violent confrontations last year, but it seems that this year took the cake. These incidents should serve as a preview of things to come. When food prices spike higher, or gas prices hit ridiculous levels, people are just going to act irrationally. I know that most of our readers understand survival and how the human psyche behaves when it is survival mode. Most folks will do anything to provide for their families. I completely understand this train of thought, but there are rules.

Our social structure is breaking down. It seems that people have become more divided on issues than normal and it is showing in protests and violence. What can you do to prepare for an unfortunate situation? Be smart. One of your best assets is your gut feeling. It has a high probability of being right. When shopping this season, use your noggin. Stay alert and aware. Mind your surroundings and be flexible with your plans. I know you want to see that huge smile on your loved one’s face when they open that gift. It is a satisfying feeling.

So stay safe out there and stay smart. No item on any store shelf that is worth the grief of what occurred within the last 24 hours.

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