Warning From Fed Officer: “Do Not Go Anywhere Far From Home Between Now And Nov… You Will Not Be Able To Get Back Home If You Do”

First, let me give you some background as to what I do for a living.  I work at a law enforcement dealer. Basically, my company sells guns, ammo, ballistic vests, uniforms, and other duty and tactical gear to police, fire, and military. So I deal with cops on a daily basis and have become friends with many of them.

This morning I was trying to resolve a shipping error for one of my regular customers. He is a Lieutenant at a federal police agency. His department trains with homeland security in Arkansas annually and is kept in the loop with potential threats and situations that may need his agency’s assistance. After a lengthy telephone conversation about the shipping error to his department, he got completely serious with me on the phone. He said “let me give you a tip, and take this seriously. Do not go anywhere far from home between now and November. You will not be able to get back home if you do.”. That’s all he could tell me, as I tried to get more detailed information from him by asking questions. He rushed me off the phone as if he was telling me something he shouldn’t be. I was pretty stunned at what I just was told. This gentleman has never acted like this before and is far from a so called “conspiracy nut-job”.

I feel obligated to relay his random warning to people in any way that I can. It may be complete nonsense, but in my opinion it’s better to be prepared and safe than unprepared and sh*t out of luck.

Sourced from Chris Kitze, editor Before It’s News:

“With the war in the middle east about to get rolling, you should expect some disruption in supply chains, shipping availability of certain items and travel.”

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7 Responses to Warning From Fed Officer: “Do Not Go Anywhere Far From Home Between Now And Nov… You Will Not Be Able To Get Back Home If You Do”

  1. What is this a map of? Can it be enlarged? Everyone on FB is wanting this info…thanks!

  2. 🙂 I was trying to click on it to 🙂 Thanks for the heads up! I think alot of people are on guard right now. I have stepped my prep’s up just in case.

    • You are welcome. I don’t blame you for being on guard. Something is in the air and it isn’t good. Just a feeling. Thank you all for your continued support.

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  4. Where does this Federal officer live? I am wondering if it was not specific for him because of that.

  5. I guess, Arkansas. But what part of Arkansas?

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