So last night we were treated to the premier of Revolution on NBC. I have seen the advertisements for it and maybe even a billboard on the highway. I really did not know what to expect and to be quite honest with you; I really didn’t expect much. I made it a point to get my favorite snack and get ready to see the show.

Right from the start there was action. Having an idea as to what this show was about, I could instantly see the story start to take shape. It was action packed and had you on the edge of your seat. It usually takes me some time to warm up to a story, but I was wide-eyed and ready for more. I do believe this was an EMP that occurred, which was a catastrophic event. It made me think about some books I have read in regards to an EMP strike and it was a very good depiction of it.

Of course as people were completely unaware as to what was going on, one character was completely aware and doing his best to save some data. I will not spoil this episode for you, but it is right in the beginning. One comment that was said to a little girl eating ice cream; “Don’t forget how it tastes”, was something that got me thinking. We do take a lot for granted. I would like to tell everyone to enjoy what they have. We do not know what tomorrow holds.

I watched the entire episode and I was very impressed. Though I am unable to say where this show may end up. I can safely say it is off to a very good start. If you are trying to convince anyone that this could happen, I would recommend that you show them this episode and see what they think. I must say to the folks at NBC that you are off to a very good start. Don’t let this show go to waste.


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  1. I was very excited to see the ads for this show, since I wrote a small-time novel that dealt with the same thing. If you are bored, you can read it. It’s called the Phoenix Empire. Thanks for your posts!

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