Al-Qaeda Causing Evacuations at Universities Could be First of Many False Flags

Evacuations at several major universities in the US have prompted some mainstream media to plant the question of “Islamic rage” having transpired from US embassies in the Middle East to America.

The impromptu CIA-created al-Qaeda is to blame for an anonymous caller claiming to be a member of the fake terrorist faction making undisclosed threats toward the campus at the University of Texas.

A message posted at 9:53 am on the emergency alert website read: “Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible. More information to come.”

According to Rhonda Weldon, director of Communication at the University of Texas: “A male with a Middle Eastern accent claiming to have placed bombs all over campus. He said he was with al-Qaeda and that these bombs would go off in 90 minutes.”

According to initial reports, multiple threats to several locations on campus were named in the anonymous caller’s threat.

University of Texas Police Chief Robert Dahlstrom said that an estimated 69,000 users were notified by the online alter system which directed them to evacuate the campus. Dahlstrom explained that university officials also sounded the on-campus alarm to warn others as well as sent messages through email and Facebook.

Students were warned to “get as far away as possible.”

Following the threat in Texas, reports originating in North Dakota stated that students attending t North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo were advised to evacuate the campus due to a call-in bomb threat after a posting on the NDSU website that read: “NDSU is requiring all employees and students to leave campus by 10:15 a.m. This includes residence hall students, who, if necessary, should walk to locations off campus. This also includes the downtown buildings and agricultural facilities. NDSU received a bomb threat, prompting this evacuation. Updates will follow.”

At 11:41 am students were required to vacate the campus in an orderly fashion and meet at locations off the university grounds.

The next university to receive a threat was Valparaiso University in Indiana where an anonymous graggiti message last week produced “an unspecified threat . . . alluding to dangerous and criminal activity” to be carried out during the chapel break on Friday.”

Students were advised to watch for “suspicious behavior and report to the VUPD immediately” so that local law enforcement and the FBI could not only investigate the indiscriminate threat, but find the supposed “terrorists”.

Only two days ago, Senator Dianne Feinstein was warning about the violence witnessed in Arabic nations since the US Embassy bombing in Libya that will spark outrage against Americans and the US. Feinstein said that according to the FBI and DHS these outbursts “could worsen in the coming days.”

The DHS released a Joint Intelligence Bulletin that asserted “the risk of violence could increase both at home and abroad as the film continues to gain attention. Additionally, we judge that violent extremist groups in the United States could exploit anger over the film to advance their recruitment efforts.”

On the 11th anniversary of the false flag attack of 9/11, the US Embassy was bombed and US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was suffocated and paraded through the streets after an attempt to escape the embassy.

This attack was orchestrated by “a well-armed, well-coordinated event.” House Representative Mike Rogers points out that “it had both indirect and direct fire, and it had military maneuvers that were all part of this very organized attack.”

Protests have erupted in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Gaza City, Tel Aviv, Iran, and Iraq. Most of these demonstrations have involved US Embassies which alerts the Obama administration to increase security surrounding these areas and warn of a coming retaliatory measure by extremist Islamic radicals within the domestic US.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a recent study conducted in February of this year showed that US Muslims are of little threat and would not likely plan and enact an attack within the US. Despite the fear-mongering from the DHS, the advent of “radicalized Muslim Americans has not materialized.”

Charles Kurzman, author of the report for the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security,explained that Muslim Americans are “a miniscule threat to public safety.”

In fact, according to the study supported by DHS, not one ethnic group predominated among Muslims charged in terrorism cases in 2011.

Since 2009, terrorism conducted by Muslim Americans had fallen to 47 incidents; 26 in 2010, and 20 in 2011.

The threat of Muslims in America is manufactured as evidenced that Americans are on edge regardless of the reality. David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center and professor of public policy at globalist-controlled Duke University says that: “While homegrown radicalization is still a problem, the offenders from 2011 were less skilled and less connected with international terrorist organizations than the offenders in the prior two years.”

The RAND Corporation, globalist think-tank and originator of many false flag propaganda, surmise that between 2009 and 9/11, “the U.S. government reported forty-six incidents of “domestic radicalization and recruitment to jihadist terrorism.” RAND went on to claim that Americans are playing a high level operational role in al-Qaeda and aligned groups. The false globalist data continues to incorrectly report that analysts assume that radicalization of the US Muslim population who are involved in domestic terror plots may be low, but that does not mean that the threat is not viable.

Globalists point to al-Qaeda as the origination of radicalization as evidenced with Anwar al-Awlaki who was purported to have opportunities to spread violent Islamic ideology in the US. The use of social media sites and evangelical preachers could cause a boon in terrorist groups as explained by counterterrorism experts.

In a US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs report radicalization of Islam is spreading throughout American prisons. There is also a growing possible movement within the US military wherein active duty soldiers are recruited to commit crimes.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, who is also a supporter of the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) which is a Zionist-controlled organization, maintains that through investigations it has been revealed that “the threat of domestic radicalization and homegrown terrorism inspired by violent Islamist ideology.”

Al-Qaeda apparently uses the internet to recruit new members in the similar fashion as they recruit young radicals in Turkey to be trained at the CIA facility wherein they are then shipped over the Syrian border to fight the proxy war for the US and Israel as the controlled terrorists known as the Free Syrian Army.

The report asserts that homegrown radicalization of al-Qaeda would coincide with domestic incidents of terrorism and it would be at the discretion of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to ascertain if the threat were indicative of al-Qaeda.

Comparisons between evangelical Christianity and extremist Islamic ideology are not lost on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Citing American Fundamentalists as being the counterpart to Muslim extremists is facilitated with accusations of intolerance of others, separateness in ideology and the demand for encompassing adherence to religious doctrine.

The manufactured attack in Libya and these recent threats at several universities in America are tied as they serve the purpose of setting the stage for a possible larger false flag that may be looming in the distance.

Over 1.8 billion rounds of hollow point bullets have been solicited by the DHS within the last month, as well as 1400 pounds of fertilizer bomb materials. US veterans and political activists are being carted away to psychiatric hospitals. And suddenly, on the anniversary of 9/11, the threat of al-Qaeda is resurrected with the manufactured bombing in Libya.

We may find that more false flag attacks begin to occur, either domestically or internationally involving the CIA-sponsored al-Qaeda, the deniable asset known as the Muslim Brotherhood and the ultimate agendas of the global Elite.

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