Nothing Left To Lose: Man With Assault Rifle Charges Police After He’s Denied Food Stamp Assistance

The FED is pumping, the stock market is approaching all-time highs, and the band plays on.

But on Main Street, Americans weary from four years of recession are starting to snap.

Authorities say a Louisiana man who got a loaded AR-15 assault rifle from his pickup truck after being turned down for disaster food stamps has been jailed.

A man became irate after being denied aid Tuesday evening after recent Hurricane Isaac. They say officers providing security at the location saw the man go to his vehicle and troopers, sheriff’s deputies and national guard troops surrounded and disarmed him.

Trooper Melissa Matey says investigators also found a handgun and several loaded ammunition magazines.

46-year-old Mark Knight of LaPlace was booked on charges of terrorizing and aggravated assault.

Source: My Fox DC

We will soon hit critical mass and the system will fail under the weight of trillions of dollars of debt.

It’s not just about what happens when the food stamp system falls apart because food is either too expensive to acquire or the US dollar finally collapses against other major resource-backed mechanisms of exchange and is no longer viable as a mechanism of exchange for goods.

It’s the progressive degradation of all aspects of the system that we’re talking about here.

The national social safety net is unravelling. Every week thousands of Americans lose access to unemployment benefits because they’ve exceeded the two year maximum. When this happens they have NO further income, which means they lose their homes and ability to even provide the most basic of necessities.

Millions of Americans depend on the retirement promises made to them by the government. But that money is gone – it’s been spent, so all of it is now funded with debt. Eventually, the checks will simply stop coming, or they’ll be worthless because of inflationary price increases in food and energy costs.

State and locally sponsored support systems are being overwhelmed with assistance requests. So much so that some states can no longer provide rental assistance for low-income or no-income families. Sixteen states have begun rationing of medicine under government sponsored health care programs because of budgetary reasons.

When people lose their homes, or can’t put food on the table, or can’t get decent health care, or are forced to spend every single penny they have to just barely stay alive, they will snap. Some will be mentally and emotionally capable of handling the pressure, but the majority will not be able cope, especially if prescription drugs for mental health are either too expensive or are rationed.

This is all happening in America right now, so we shouldn’t be surprised when someone denied for food stamps, for whatever reason, completely loses control and threatens the use of random deadly force.

When people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

Gerald Celente
Trend Forecaster 

What’s going to happen on the streets of America when large groups of people lose it all at once?

M. Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple

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