Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs

We as humans tend to enjoy loud noises as long as we’re the ones making them. Some great examples would be blasting your favoritePro Ears tune in the car, fireworks, a motorcycle (Harleys for me), and lastly, a loud gun.  A “loud” gun?  Yes!  With a home-defense or even an EDC weapon, the shock and awe of a thunderous boom could be seen as a benefit when it comes to intimidating your attacker. Plus, loud guns can be just plain fun! But as much fun as it may be, protecting your hearing from exposure to gunfire is vitally important. It’s not easy, or possible, for everyone to obtain a suppressor or ‘can’ if you prefer. So if we can’t quiet the ‘boom stick’. we need to protect our ears.

Today we will explore Pro Ears‘ top of the linePredator Gold electronic ear muffs. If you have been involved with firearms for any period of time, you will be familiar with the ubiquitous disposable foam or rubber ear plugs.  They’re cheap and readily available, but they offer limited protection and can be awkward to put in and uncomfortable. Shooting is always a thrill, but the agony of having to fiddle with those things made me crazy. Heck, I remember they handed those out during basic training in the military, and they either fit or they didn’t.  Ugh!!  Since then,  there have been great advances with molded ear plugs and various electronic earmuffs have been introduced, but the folks at Pro Ears have gotten hearing protection down to a science and made shooting safely a lot more enjoyable.

Pro EarsThe first thing I noticed when putting on the Predators was how comfortable they are. When I am at the range I need to be comfortable. From clothing to safety equipment, it all needs to flow. The soft leather ear cushions are just the right mix of resistance and cushioning, and conform perfectly to your head while sealing around any gaps created by your eye pro. And the low profile and lightweight ear cups made wearing them all afternoon a piece of cake.

Electronic hearing protection takes a little getting used to. Being able to hear everything around you, but having loud noises suppressed is something your ears aren’t used to. It only took me a few mags to get used to wearing the Predators. With a NRR of 26, every shot was muffled nicely yet I was still able to hear my partner loud and clear. Being able to hear while still being protected from gunfire is a huge benefit, especially for training or when you need to be able to hear a range officer or a timer in competition. And the suppression technology that Pro Ears uses is very effective at this. Rather than just cutting out and blocking all sound like some other electronic muffs do, the Pro Ears actually suppress the sound to a safe level while still allowing you to hear everything else that is going on. It’s also a much more natural feeling when your hearing isn’t cutting in and out. I tested the Predators with a range of firearms and they held up very well to even my high-powered noise maker, the .300 Win. Mag.

Pro Ears

Each of the Predators ear cups has it’s own microphone and amplifier to allow for independent adjustment to suit your personal hearing needs and preferences. That also means that you’ll be able to hear in stereo and tell which direction a sound is coming from, which helps to limit that in a fog feeling that hearing protection can give you. It also becomes especially important when hunting. Hunting with ear protection? Absolutely! Set up in the blind, throw your Predators on, and not only will your hearing be protected, but it will be enhanced as well. Being able to hear a flock of geese rolling in from behind the treeline, or that giant Tom strolling through the woods before you can see him can really give you an edge.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Pro Ears Predator Golds. You only get one pair of ears and ear drums and you need to do everything you can to protect them. Pro Ears’ combination of technology, comfort, and safety, make the Predators something I wouldn’t want to leave home without when heading to the range.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a weekend plinker; I recommend you give the Pro Ears Predators a look.


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