No Hesitation: Watch Security Guard Quick-Draw and Take Down Three Armed Assailants

Thousands of rounds fired downrange during target practice.

Hours spent war-gaming possible worst-case scenarios.

Time and energy dedicated to preparing the mind and body for confrontation.

For one security guard his obvious dedication paid off, and more than likely saved his life.

When three armed assailants stormed the facility he was tasked with protecting he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t flinch, he didn’t panic.

He drew his weapon almost instantly and met violence head-on with a hail of bullets, leaving one suspect near death and two others scrambling for their lives.

A Melbourne police spokesman sums it up:

I was quite impressed with his reaction. Again, it was early in the morning. It’s maybe a job where you sit for hours and something like this may never happen in your career. But for it to happen and to react that quickly says something about his mindset.

The report suggests that it’s “not likely” the security guard ever expected something like this to happen.

We beg to differ.

This individual drew his weapon immediately upon identifying a threat.

He fired without hesitating.

He was calm, collected and held his ground with a near perfect shooting stance.

He very quickly changed his angle of attack to ensure he didn’t get flanked.

And he kept firing until the threat was neutralized.

This was not some haphazard self defense response. This individual was trained and determined.

He planned for the worst – and won.

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