The Machine RLTW AK-47


This sexy beast is wearing a coat of tan duracoat. While the prototypes had some color added, typical rifles from Snakehound Machine will not be finished beyond stock parkerizing. Maybe the post of this rifle review should actually be “The ONE MOA AK.” Fair warning, this MAY blow your mind. If you suck at reading and prefer TV then watch the video. Or do both.


“RLTW” stands for RECON LIGHTWEIGHT TACTICAL WEAPON. The basic purpose is a slim and trim AK-47 with some hand tuned attention capable of fighting day or night in the most gruesome conditions and own your opponent (whether it’s the end of the world or you’re competing with your buddies for speed and accuracy at the range) from ZERO to ONE HUNDRED yards. Don’t think this is a possibility?…


  • AK-47s are good and all but they’re inaccurate and sloppy.
  • The trigger is too heavy.
  • The grip is too small for my hand and the rear corner of the receiver digs into my thumb knuckle.
  • I can’t see the sights well enough to get on target.
  • The safety on AKs is just too much of a pain to deploy.
  • I hate the stock.
  • I can’t co-witness an optic with the iron sights.

The 5 round magazine pictured aided in getting the rifle as far forward as possible while shooting from the rest.

Blah, blah, blah the list goes on. I think you get the idea.

*For the sake of full disclosure (and my credibility) I need to mention something that I haven’t done nor do I often do. The owner of the Snakehound RLTW concept (I’ll call it concept because it can be applied to a stock WASR, an International Ordinance 100% Made in USA AK, or even YOUR AK gathering dust in your closet because you’d rather shoot a .22 caliber at the bad guys) is a good friend of mine, so I’ve been privy to his design ideas from day 1. BUT, regardless of our relationship status you should know that I will not misrepresent a product despite the outcome, good or bad. In THIS case you should know the outcome was good (if you think my writeup is shady then watch the video. Proof is in the pudding). That might even be putting it a bit on the timid side but I’ll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag…

100 yards, with an Aimpoint Micro clone (Primary Arms MD-09 which proved “good enough” for this prototype) off a sandbag with the Black Snakehound RLTW prototype, which just happened to be a Romanian WASR because it’s what was available when the dream needed to become a reality:

Read the rest of the review from our friends at Haus of Guns

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