Gun Nuts Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT letting go of Haus of Guns. It is still 100% THE primary focus of my content publishing attention and the home base of my gun reviews!!!

Okay well, Gun Nuts Media isn’t giving anything away. But I AM if you can help me find my way to a staff writer position.

Shooting my AK filled with sand during the video interview.

Quick Summary: A few weeks ago Caleb Giddings (from Gun Nuts and Top Shot season 1 fame) posted an opening to be filled at Gun Nuts with Shelley Rae pursuing other endeavors. Out of the nearly 300 applicants I’m (Ebbs) proud to say I was one of the final ten. THEN came the video interview, which apparently was good enough to get me into the final four round which we’ve all lovingly called the “THUNDERDOME”.

The challenge for Thunderdome is simple. Write an article 300-600 words in length to be posted simultaneously to Gun Nuts with the 3 other applicants’ posts then promote the snot out of it until Friday of this week. Caleb will ultimately choose the winner, but traffic, comments, sharing and promotion are a HUGE part of determining the success of these individual articles. I chose a fairly controversial topic for my post… Hi Point pistols:)

Go Here To Enter The Contest

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