Movie Review: The Road

I know this movie The Road came out in 2009, but I just watched it. I didn’t realize what it was until someone recommended it to me. Now, this is all my opinion and interpretation of the movie and I don’t claim to be a movie expert. So here is what I thought.

I cannot say if I liked it or not. The start of the movie gave me an idea of what might have happened to cause the catastrophe. What do I think happened? Either a super volcanic eruption or a meteor/asteroid hit the earth. I don’t think it was nuclear as it appears this event had an effect on a large scale to whereas all resources were depleted within a few years. Now for the situation. I understand where this family lived, they were able to be self sufficient for some time. Then the living conditions became unbearable. But before I go there, one aspect which people should think about was the mental state of the family. The wife/mother wanted to commit murder/suicide when things became really grim. Stressful situations will make people behave unusually. But I did not condone what she wanted to do and what she ultimately did.

So before the father and son hit the road; they were already suffering from severe mental distress and malnourishment. They should have left long before if they were able to. Would the outcome have been better? Maybe. Mapping out a route to stay off of the road would have been helpful. You know they were going to run into trouble by staying on “the road’! We have been taught to stay away from the main lines in the event of an incident as chances of things going wrong are multiplied times ten. I don’t want to spoil anything, but for those who saw the movie, you know what they stumbled upon along their route. They should have stayed there until they got healthy!! Come on!!

Here is what I was really disappointed in. There needed to be more “good guys” in the story. I know this was a movie, but things needed to be a little evened out. Will good folks be holed up somewhere? Yes; but they will also venture out to protect and forage. The father did everything he could to provide security for his son. I just have to remember he wasn’t a prepper before the incident.

So in conclusion; the movie is worth watching. I will leave it to the viewer to decide what to take away from it, but you will need to keep an open mind. It is definitely a different twist for a SHTF scenario, but not a movie which will provide any insight on prepping or preparedness.

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