Gear Preview: Firearm Apparel

As you can tell by some of the posts on this site, I am pretty outspoken. I will stand up for what is right and I will defend your right to believe in what you believe. We convey our expressions and beliefs through Internet postings, signs, stickers, and of course t-shirts. One company that has done a great job of spreading the message of our Second Amendment rights is Firearm Apparel. While some may say the folks at Firearm Apparel just make t-shirts, hats,and decals, I will have to disagree.

I don’t see their t-shirts as only clothing, I see them as a way to remind people of some of our basic rights in this country. From the Gadsden Flag, Gonzales Flag, to my favorite rifle, the AK-47, there is something for everyone. So if you want to tell those who oppose your right to bear arms where they can go (while being stylish and unique), check out the gear Firearm Apparel has to help you do it.


Don't Tread On Me

Kalashnikov Rifle

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