Prepper Radio Network

If you have not had the chance to check out the Prepper Radio Network, well you should. They provide great information and keep their listeners up to date on anything regarding preparedness. Here is the information from there website:

Prepper Radio Network (PPRN) – (KPRN-DB) in S.E. Oklahoma

The Prepper Podcast Radio Network (KPRN-DB) was conceived and founded by John Milandred in August of 2010 from the first (Prepper Podcast by Matt. J in 2009 and is a website oriented to individuals who believe in being aware, being prepared, and having a plan.  PPRN’s users will find it all with tried and true programming and a 24/7 hour format. We offer a wide variety of programs answering the rapidly growing concerns and needs of the listener, as well as providing the opportunity to interact directly with show hosts or to download previously aired programs.

Broadcasts are designed to involve the listener, who, what, when, where, why and the how to of being prepared.  Whether the event is a minor cut or sprain to economic collapse to natural disasters of all types PPRN provides the elements required to weather any storm of life. Striving to teach self- reliance and independence through informing the people of local, state, national and worldwide matters that could affect daily life, PPRN is here for you.

All involved here at PPRN are adamant in promoting a survival, preparedness sustainable lifestyle readily accessible to the masses. John Milandred operator of PPRN are excited about the new site and state “The design greatly increases the availability of the tools and know how necessary to achieve self-sufficiency, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer all this through internet radio and five different feeds with PPRN”.

Learn and explore more about this exciting and innovative website by getting to know the many hosts, their shows and what they can do for you. Listen to live broadcasts, download aired programming or join the live chat and share your experience. Stay Informed with Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

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