Beginner Preparedness

I wanted to repost this from the old website. This may be helpful to some new visitors to the site.

When I first started researching “survival and prepping” I was blown away by the amount of information out there on the web. However, I remember back to when I first started to prep I admit I was overwhelmed by it all.

The first thing you read is you need a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)!! So I went and bought bags and filled them with gear, supplies, food, etc. Then I thought, “where the hell am I buggin out to?”. Which then lead to a million more searches and discussions and of course more planning and me being more and more overwhelmed with this giant under taking of “survivalism and prepping”.

So, for the members who are thinking they want to start prepping but find it overwhelming I am hoping to help you.

To do so, let’s break things down to very simple ideas, which is how I had to do it for myself. For now, let’s remove the concept of Bugging Out, for two reasons. First, where are you going? Second, it brings an entire new bunch of challenges to look at. So, let’s keep it simple. I want to break this down into three essential topics that we all need.

1. Water: Hydrate or die.

Scary concept, but a pretty simple one really. We need water to live. We need water more than we need food. So breaking this down to its simplest form… get water. When looking at how much water, we need to drink, cook, bath, sanitation, etc. = LOTS of water.

Also, look at getting a water purification system. The MSR Micro Filters are good, anything by Katadyn is good, Berkey, etc. Just make sure it removes contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses and silt. Do some research and get a good filter.

2. Shelter: The second thing you need in an emergency is shelter. Again, we are not bugging out in this scenario. So you need to stay warm, dry, and protected. Depending on where you live you may need certain items to make your shelter more accommodating. I live in the GTA of Ontario Canada, in the winter I need blankets, propane heaters, propane, generators, etc. You may not need those things, so think of your climate.

3. Food: most people think they need MRE’s and spam when they think of survival food. Simply not true. Sure, I keep a few cases of MRE’s around. However, the bulk of my preps are food that my family actually eats. We eat what we store and we store what we eat.

When most people think of stocking food, they think they have to put out thousands of dollars in one giant purchase. However, there are really some simple cost effective ways to start to store food without having to spend thousands of dollars all at once. Look for sales when you go grocery shopping. Each week plan to pick up a few extra tins of soups, veggies and fruits. Peanut butter is great and lasts forever. I buy a lot of my canned preps, soap, supplies at the dollar store, they have a lot of items now that are great for prepping.

Imo, those are your top three needs. After that comes a lot of variables. You can look at sanitation and hygiene, first aid, communications, self-defense and protecting your environment, etc. However, for the basic start up I think keeping it simple is a good way to begin.

Please start looking at what you can afford to add each week, start stocking water and you will be amazed at how quickly it will all add up.


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2 Responses to Beginner Preparedness

  1. A good rule of thumb for survival situations is the rule of threes:

    3 minutes – how long you can go without oxygen

    3 hours – how long you can survive exposure to severe heat or cold

    3 days – how long you can survive without water

    3 weeks – how long you can survive without food

  2. I have bought rice for about $14.00 per 50 pounds. I currently have 600lbs. Of rice stored in 5 gallon buckets. If stored right, rice has a shelf life of 10 years or more. Not only that, but rice is a food staple. It goes with anything and everything. A cup of cooked rice can feed 4 people with a scoop of beans on top and it’s a meal. I can’t afford those overpriced survival food items over the internet. We’re po-folks and rice, beans, and wild game will carry anyone through just fine without the high dollar price.

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