Chest Rigs Build To Order From DoomsDay Armory

A short time ago we introduced you to the folks at DoomsDay Armory and let you know that they carry the hottest chest rigs on the market. Well they have take things a step further and I felt it was worth mentioning because I know our readers are ALWAYS looking for the best deal out there.

I was notified by the DoomsDay Armory Crew that they now offer a cool service of “Build Your Own Rig“. Now I can dig this as I am very particular in what I would like to carry on my rig. It beats having to piece meal things in order to get what you want. If you look at their page, you will see they offer many different options for your rig. Not only will you get what you want, you will save cash at the same time.

So check out DoomsDay’s new service and tell them that Prepper Central sent ya. Stay safe out there.



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