Snake Hound Machine UBR – Ultimate Battle Rifle

The UBR, or Ultimate Battle Rifle is a concept that I’ve been kicking around for a long time. Something that I would design, scratch out, then design again as I found new parts that I thought would work better than what I had already picked out.

I wanted an AK with an Eotech setup, and rails from the rear of the dust cover to the gas block so that you could have a full cowitness setup. Having a full cowitness is something severely lacking in the AK platform.

With the combination of a Polish Beryl rail and Samson K-Rail, the top rail platform and sight radius I wanted was possible. Once that has been solved we are presented with the bigger problem of having sights meant for the AR platform on top of the higher sight line of the AK, this raises the sight line more than an inch over what it used to be.

Thankfully Mission First has made a completely ridiculous riser setup for their Battlelink stocks. I’ve been using the MFT stocks for a couple months now and I’m very happy with them so far (review is upcoming) but the real star here is the Battlelink riser. The riser raises the cheek weld by 1.25 inches. I suppose this is for high mounted scopes on precision AR rifles, but for us it is the ideal height for using with an Eotech equipped AK. I wish it was just a bit more sturdy, but while actually shooting I haven’t had any problems.

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Snake Hound Machine UBR

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