SHTF/WROL scenario video’s – thoughts?

YouTube’s SouthernPrepper1 has many, many helpful and educational videos to watch. Something unique he has done is create a series of fictional scenario videos which take place AFTER an event which left the country in a WROL situation.


In case you are unaware what WROL stands for – Without Rule of Law.


Below is a compiled list of all SP1 video’s. Others on YouTube jumped in and joined him in his story telling. You will have to search YouTube yourself for “scenario WROL” yourself as I just don’t have time to list them all.


Take a watch and feel free to comment what you think –

Video #1: 11/26/2010  SP1 – Tracking Humans in WROL   

Video #2: 11/27/2010 SP1 – What to do with your dead during a WROL situation

Video #3: 11/28/2010 SP1 – Another day in the life of our retreat. School, library and the attack

Video #4: 11/29/2010 SP1 – The aftermath of the attack on community 

Video #5: 12/01/2010 SP1 – The nightmare of WROL

Video #6: 12/04/2010 SP1 – The nightmare of WROL is getting worse

Video #7: 12/08/2010 SP1 – Conflict, Mr Peterson, AK or AR or better yet more ammo

Video #8: 12/10/2010 SP1 – Our community takes the good with the bad

Video #9: 12/13/2010 SP1 – Discussion of the last two video’s

Video #10: 12/16/2010 SP1 – How does our retreat community prepare for a possible new government?

Video #11: 12/25/2010 SP1 – A large cache made from a large oil drum

Video #12: 12/28/2010 SP1 – Deadly force is used to protect our food

Video #13: 12/31/2012 SP1 – The aftermath of the WROL shooting

Video #14: 01/06/2011 SP1 – Contact with a city survivor

Video #15: 02/01/2011 SP1 – I put the weight of the world on my son’s shoulders

Video #16: 05/07/2011 SP1 – First spring after crash (WROL)

Video #17: 05/12/2011 SP1 – Birth and death in our WROL community

Video #18: 06/02/2011 SP1 – Medicine, diet and ethnic cleansing 

Video #19: 07/11/2011 SP1 – Food and haircuts

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