We always like keeping our readers informed on not just gear that will help you, but where to get some of the best gear. A new player on the block is DoomsDay Armory. Owned and operated by a former U.S. Marine who has had multiple in-theater deployments to the middle east; he draws on his knowledge and combat experience to provide load outs that will work in a hostile environment.

The folks at DoomsDay Armory carry the latest tactical vests, plate carriers, and chest rigs you can use. Whether it is for your bug out / GOOD gear or you are current military or LEO, they have something for everyone.

They do carry load outs that seem to fit a variety of budgets, so I’m sure you can find something that will not break the bank. One very cool part of their site is the section on camoflauge information. For our readers who do not know the difference between A-TACS and MultiCam, you will find some useful information on their page.

While I highly recommend a good quality load out; give the folks at DOOMSDAY ARMORY a look. Also, welcome them aboard the preparedness community and may they be busy getting families prepared for whatever is on the horizon.

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