I “NEED” More Guns…. Right?

*Warning: This post contains heavy portions of truth mixed with sarcasm. Proceed with caution.

I love mastering a couple of particular guns. Every time I go the range these guys go with me for practice and training no matter what I’m reviewing or focusing on that day: The Glock 22 RTF2, Kahr CW9, most likely the Volquartsen Superlite that is now in my possession and my modified AKM/WASR. Right now it’s these 3 or 4 guns. EVERY time.

My problem is I want MORE guns. All the time. I might find my next favorite gun this way right?

I feel like I “NEED” a Sig P220 DA/SA .45 ACP (This gun wants to mate with my hand, it told me). I NEED a Snakehound loved I.O. AK. I NEED a Ruger SR22 (the one we reviewed was Dad’s). I NEED another Glock 19, and probably a G26 too. Maybe a Glock 29 and 30 if I have time. Oh then there’s the Smith & Wesson Shield. Would love to find one in stock around here, or I might wait till they release the .40 S&W version. Maybe I should just be patient and wait for my review pieces. I think a Walther PPQ and an FNH FNS-9 (which I fired at SHOT Show Media Day WITH Dave Sevigny and still haven’t found time to upload AND both of which my buddy Brandon over at Monderno.com has in his hands) could be good friends in my possession as well. I’d LOVE a Savage Mark II FV-SR to throw a can on and get wicked quiet with. Though if the Volquartsen stays in my willing hands I doubt this will happen. Then again the Savage is ONLY $200. Then there’s the plight with NEEDING the .338 Lapua Magnum. I know it’s the budget model but I think I’d be pretty stoked with a Savage Model 110 BA in the heavy hitting caliber.

See the problem/addiction I have here? It’s not that I’m a gun hungry war monger. It’s just that I really, REALLY like guns. A lot.

I’m gonna NEED some more money and a psychiatrist stat. What are some guns you don’t have that you feel like you NEED?

From our friend Ebbs at Haus of Guns

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