Preparedness And Fitness

When we discuss preparedness, we usually refer to “stuff”. I mean, tools, food, etc. But how much emphasis do we really put on fitness. Notice I did not say physical fitness. In my opinion, being prepared requires physical and mental fitness, or we can refer to this as preparation. I know most of our readers have read many books on TEOTWAWKI and SHTF scenarios. Some are very realistic, while others are just good stories. The common thread in each one of them is the fact that the characters are faced with a high level of both physical and mental demand.

The best we can do is prepare ourselves for what comes our way. Say you have to walk a few miles because your car doesn’t work (due to an EMP), or the only safe mode of transportation is walking. Be honest with yourself, can you walk 5 or more miles right now?  Not just a causal stroll, but walking with a purpose. I know with the hot summer we had, some folks stayed indoors to enjoy the air conditioning. Venturing outside was not desirable, so with the cooler weather here, there is no reason not to do some walking with your loved ones. Take a stroll around the neighborhood in the evening. This is therapeutic and a great way to keep you fit. I’m sure you get the idea.

Now for the other important aspect of fitness, the old noggin. As I sad before, we read books, articles, etc., on prepping and survival. But have you really prepared yourself for it? Traumatic and stressful situations can make a person do things they never thought they would do. Some of these things may be brave, but some are also downright wrong. I will not get into detail in which this topic deserves more time, but I know you understand where this is going. Take some time and think about how you can prepare yourself for any situation. Then discuss this with your family as this will put them in the mindset as well.

In conclusion, fitness is a vital part of preparedness that no plan should be without.

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