Gear Preview: My Gun DB

I know many of our readers exercise their Second Amendment rights on a regular basis. During the execution of this, you have acquired multiple firearms and sometimes you can lose track of what you have. Now that we live in a world of technology, things have become much easier to inventory and keep track of. I came across a computer application called My Gun DB, or My Gun Database.

I have contacted Alan, the Owner and Creator of My Gun DB to find out some information. He gave me an overview of how the app works. I was impressed and I think this would be a great idea for our readers who are firearms collectors. Not matter the size of your collection, it seems to be quite versatile. We will be obtaining a copy of the program so we can conduct a thorough review for you all. But wait there is more.

Alan was really generous and would like to offer 4 full registration (free) copies of My Gun DB in celebration of our great nation’s birthday!! That is right folks, 4 for July 4th!! All you have to do is visit our Facebook Page, and enter the contest. We will choose 4 lucky readers to get their own copies of My Gun DB!! Don’t forget to “Like” us and My Gun DB’s Facebook Page. We will pic the winner on July 5th.

Have a safe and joyous July 4th!!


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  1. My only question is it a stand alone program meaning it doesn’t have networking built into it which might let your neighbor peek at your list…

    • That is a good question. We will need to let the folks at MyGunDB answer this question. We will be completing a review of this software, so stay tuned.

    • Hey Senseless, I’m the developer of MyGunDB.

      Well, it does have Dropbox integration, which is optional and is the only way data from the database leaves your machine. If you disable that then there is no way for anyone to access your database.

      All data is stored in a database using 256bit AES encryption, and your password isn’t stored anywhere (it’s used to generate a decode hash on the fly when you enter it, so if you forget your password, you can’t recover it).

      On top of that, the installer uses a Code Signing cert to not only prevent alteration of the file, but it also ties the program to me directly (the Cert Authority validates my business and personal information and can be revoked at any time if there are reports of malicious use) to protect the end user.


      Security and privacy were top concerns of mine — I began writing MyGunDB as a small utility for myself since I needed a digital bound book and there was nothing else; I wanted to make sure my data was secure just like you do.

      If you have any other questions, let me know 😀

      • I’m always a bit leery of Big Brother in such matters but also don’t want the world to know what’s around on the off chance someone would be dumb enough to try and break in.

        Thanks for the Answer!

        The Hash on the fly is a nice bit of code.

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