Gear Review: The PurifiCup

Survival. A very simple term that carries a lot of weight. The meaning between life and death. What determines survival? Having the skills and resources to survive any adverse situation you may encounter. You will not survive without the basic life sustaining necessities. One of those is clean water. We know that many of our readers are always looking for ways to stay prepared, so it becomes our responsibility to test gear that will be beneficial to you.

Let me introduce you to the PurifiCup from Independence Sales and Marketing, LLC. The PurifiCup was the brainchild of a water


PurifiCup In Original Packaging

treatment engineer with over thirty years of experience. The end result was a lightweight, portable water purification system which purifies water in a single process. It is said that the PurifiCup eliminates chemical and biological contaminants along with 99.9 percent of over 600 types of bacteria. After reading this, I was very intrigued on how this system would work and fit into my preparedness program. So I needed to put it to the test.


Detailed Instructions Included

I chose the Purple PurifiCup, Model number 2227, which came in a compact plastic carrier that could be used for storage of the cup when not in use. Included in the package were the cup and very well detailed instructions. After reading the instructions (a few times over), I was ready to put the cup to the test. But before hitting the trail, I had to complete a kind of “break-in” first which activates the filtration system. So once I completed that, my cup was packed into my bag and off to the mountains we went. It was really neat to not have to take a large purification system or tablets. So my pack was a little lighter and my back was happy.

It was important to test the PurifiCup in a real-world situation that you may face and this is why I chose the mountains because of the running falls and standing lakes. In a SHTF situation, some folks will go to these areas to escape any problems in the city. If you have the right gear, you can survive for a long time in an area like this.  Having access to a water source is priceless.


Overlooking The Mountain

One of the first things you will notice about the PurifiCup is the separation of components which allows the user to truly keep contaminated water separate from the finished product. The cup can be connected to generic drinking bottles, Nalgene, and CamelBak bottles. I decided to replenish my water bottles that I packed for my ten mile hike. Once I had the cup assembled, I was able to use the water from the falls to fill my four bottles in minutes. This was awesome in comparison to using purification tablets. I was able to be back on the trail in minutes with clean water. Now for the taste test.


Resting In The Water From The Mountain Falls

I was very impressed with the finished product. The water tasted clean and no chemical after taste. This was nice to have on a hot and humid day. But in reality, this could be the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones. Keep in mind that not only is the cup a water purifier, but it can be water storage as well. Just make sure to keep the contaminated parts away from your clean water. The filter is a one-micron filter which provides up to eleven gallons (100 to 150 cups) of clean water. So depending on how many people you are providing for, you can plan accordingly on how many filters you will need. You can get additional filters from the company when needed. If you are considering using the PurifiCup for a bug out bag or go bag, I would recommend getting some additional filters to keep on hand. They are reasonably priced, but priceless if you know what I mean.

So what are my thoughts on the cup you ask? I feel everyone should have one of these. While there are certain items you can live without; you CANNOT live without CLEAN water. I cannot stress this enough. You may find a


All The Components

water source but if it is contaminated it is worthless. The PurifiCup is lighter and easier than some of the battery operated water purification systems on the market. While some will argue that having water purification tablets would be more viable, I would beg to differ. By using tablets, you would need to wait in some cases up to 30 minutes before you can drink the water you are purifying. The cup allows you to have clean water in much less time which could be detrimental for your situation.

The folks at Independence Sales and Marketing, LLC., have taken water purification to the next level. Whether you are hiking, camping, or just want a peace of mind for you and your loved ones, give the PurifiCup a try. For the Prepper who wants to cover all bases, this is a great way to go. I found the design to be simple and easy to use and by being able to fit it in a small bag, you will be able to have clean water anywhere you go. With an MSRP of $59.99, the PurifiCup is a very good candidate for a portable water purification system.

Have fun and stay safe out there.



Ready For Water From The Falls

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4 Responses to Gear Review: The PurifiCup

  1. Nice size for huffin along with a full pack!

    How long is the filtering cycle?

    • It is extremely compact. You lose no space in your pack. As for the filter cycle, it is good up to 11 gallons, or roughly 100 to 150 cups. This is really cool for a portable product. Keep in mind you can purify water for others in your group as well. Thanks for chiming in. 🙂

    • I want to add a little more information on your question which may help our readers. The Shelf life of the filter is 5 Years. (without opening the seal) Once you open the seal, you have 11-12 Gallons usage (150 cups of 10 oz.) on Natural water sources Or 4 months after you open it. I hope this helps you all with making the decision to try this product. Stay safe. 🙂

  2. Great product. I have had mine now for about 6 months. It is light weight and easy to use. Have used 71 times (it has a counter) and has not had a problem, still filters fast. I love mine.

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