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While we have seen the recent spike in preparedness supplies due to television shows such as Doomsday Preppers, etc. There are many entities online which carry items we use, but somewhere along the line, the message of preparedness was lost. I recently ran across a new company, Extreme Food Storage, which carries products I know our readers are interested in. Upon visiting their website, I was greeted by Bryan (who is not a robot) via live chat and he was ready to assist me with any questions I had. Mind you, this was in the evening and I was just checking out the site.

After speaking with Bryan, I was very impressed by the personal customer service experience, let alone the website’s clean layout. Here is some information about the company, but the one aspect I truly commend is that this is a family-owned business. In my book, preparedness involves the whole family! So check out Extreme Food Storage and get some supplies. You can never have too much!

A Passion for Preparedness 

“We started this family-owned business because of the human distress we have witnessed first-hand while traveling and living


around the world. We have seen cycles of extreme hunger devastate whole societies. We have witnessed extreme large-scale emergencies that occur anywhere and anytime and without warning. Abruptly occurring disasters cause deplorable living conditions. We want to be able to serve people who value the security that comes from planning and preparation for these unforeseen events”.

People come to us for the same basic reason – confidence that their future will be safe.  Whether concerned about sudden and extreme emergency or just preparing for an outdoor adventure, people want to be able to exert some control in protecting themselves and families. They accomplish these goals with sound preparation through purchasing emergency preparedness supplies of many types. Extreme Food Storage is here to provide people with a full range of simple and affordable solutions.

There are three basic human survival needs: clean water, edible food, and shelter. Our growing family-owned business located near Charlotte, NC is proud to provide various products in each of those categories that will fill the needs of our customers – small supply kits that will last a few days or others that will last for years.

Extreme Storage currently supplies a variety of emergency preparedness products. We carry Mountain House and Backpackers Pantry #10 cans and Pouches. For long term food storage we supply, Lindon Farms, Wise, SurvivalCave buckets.  The rest of our products range includes, ultimate MRE kit, Survival kits, Emergency Preparedness Kits and Water Purifiers. Please feel free to visit our website and let us know how we can help you Prepare!   ExtremeFoodStorage.com 

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