S.O.Tech Micro Mission Pack

I love bags that have a purpose! Whatever you do in life, your gear should be mission specific. Take the Micro Mission Pack from S.O.Tech. The description for this bag states it was designed in direct response for Operators who required a direct action bag to hold essential items. Well, this would apply to us as well. If you are taking items with you that need not only protection, but the ability to be placed in strategic locations, this bag might be for you. With its dimensions at 16 in. x 12 in. x 6 in., and a volume of 1,152 cubic inches; you may have to give this bag some serious consideration.

S.O.Tech is known for top quality, American-made products which have seen some of the worst places on the planet. We are always on the hunt for the “perfect” bag. But during the quest, we come across some you may not be able to pass up.  The MSRP is at $135.00, and that is a good start from a company who stands behind their gear.


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