Is Syria A Glimpse Of The Future?

If you follow the news (with a grain of salt) as I do, you have heard something about the tragedy in Syria. I am not referring to political parties, beliefs, ideology, etc., I am talking about the human tragedy which is occurring. Innocent men, women, and children, have been slaughtered and for what? There is a militia which is giving the government troops hell and the brave men want freedom from the coward who currently runs their country. But is this something new?

This has been going on for months. The horse shit mainstream media claims that Syria is inching closer to civil war. I believe that they have been at war for some time now and we don’t know the entire story. As a Prepper, we have read many books in regards to the coming collapse and in some cases it involves situations such as the one the Syrians are currently in. Yes, us against them! While we sit and watch this play out, the world community does nothing. I do not feel we should jump into every conflict on the planet, but we have been involved in conflicts far less meaningful.

Just pay close attention on how worthless the United Nations truly is. As we sit and watch how this plays out, think about what you would or can do to prepare yourself and your loved ones for something like this. You can see the world is very slow to react to the massacre so why would we think anything would be different if this were to ever occur elsewhere? The one thing you can do is have a flexible preparedness plan. Be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with a situation you would believe to be unimaginable.

In the end; no matter what your feelings are towards some of these issues, it is your humanity which will prevail. I could not stand by and allow innocent women and children to be murdered. For those who are committing these atrocities, they are the true meaning of cowardice. May we never have to experience a tragedy such as this in our great land. If so, may all those be prepared.


UN in Syria

United Nations = Worthless

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