First Time Shooting a .338 Lapua Magnum

I mentioned in my NEED List segment a few weeks ago that I REALLY need a .338 Lapua Magnum. Little did I know a buddy came across a screaming deal on a Desert Tactical Arms DT SRS in .338 Lap Mag. The DT SRS is a bullpup styled sniper rifle meaning the primary action lies behind the grip and the trigger allowing the barrel to start closer to the shooter keeping the overall length under 40″ despite the fact the barrel is 26″.



Accurate (we only shot to 200 yards because of a crappy scope on a windy day), powerful and a manageable size, this is an awesome civilian sniping system. The integrated DTA SRS muzzle brake that came built in to the system kept recoil to that of a light 30-06 hunting rifle, though the word I’ll use to describe shooting this particular .338 Lapua Magnum is “CONCUSSION.” It’s basically what the blast from a 250 grain .338 caliber bullet leaving the barrel just 30 inches from your face with the muzzle brake on will do to the surrounding vegetation, not to mention your ego.


“The air is concussed.” That ridiculous phrase kept floating through my mind every time I took a shot. Probably because it best describes the feeling. My buddy Roy (it was his rifle) is waiting on his Nightforce scope at which time I’m sure we’ll really get things dialed in and do some crazy stuff at distance. In the meantime, here’s what Roy did at 100 yards then my group at 200 yards with some hefty wind and shooting through vegetation. We weren’t set up yet to get elevated laying prone so we made due with what we could for today.

Today was a “feeler” for getting to know the rifle. Early results with an el cheapo sniper scope were impressive.
Bottom left 3 holes are 2.5″ at the furthest point measured from centers.

From our friends at Haus of Guns 
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