Magnum Boots Intrepid HPi Running Shoes

The team at Magnum Boots has just released a new model of running shoes; the Intrepid HPi. I know our readers would agree that keeping your feet happy will make a difference in your day. Since Magnum has met the demands of uniformed professionals all over the country, they know what it takes to keep people moving. They have created a 3D counter-balance heel which assists the user in stability while running or jogging.

But hold the phone. They also have come up with something called ion-mask. The name sounds cool, but the description is cooler. Magnum claims that ion-mask technology repels water and helps the material dry out quickly. When was they last time you went running and got caught in the rain? The rest of the run in waterlogged socks and shoes was absolutely miserable, right? So, this technology is welcomed.

The black and gray color scheme is great. If you are in the market for a new set of running skips, check out the Intrepid HPi from Magnum Boots.




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