Fitness Gear Review: Magnum Boots Intrepid HPi Training Shoes

As part of our Prepper Fitness Series, we will review gear that we feel is an essential part of any preparedness program when it comes to fitness. One key component to achieving the best workout is to keep your feet happy. As funny as this may sound; it is not far from reality.

We have all been in that situation at one time or another, when we have ran or walked many miles and we feel like throwing in the towel. One of the reasons is because our feet, ankles, legs, and knees are quitting before our willpower. Raise your hand if this is something you have experienced. Now put your hands down and listen up. We have reviewed a pair of training shoes from a company which has many years of experience in footwear.

When you hear the name Magnum Boots, your first thought is uniformed service. The folks at Magnum Boots are well known in the Magnum Intrepid HPimilitary, law enforcement, and fire service, as a resource for some of the best footwear in the world. With their reputation and innovation, Magnum has produced great boots which take a licking and keep on ticking. Lately, the Magnum Team has delivered some footwear which is outside of their normal realm. In come the Intrepid HPi training shoes.

We received a pair of these and immediately tried them out on the town. I will warn you that they arue not like your normal sneaker which you can slip ok because these are designed for training more than hanging out in. I wanted to get some break-in time before hitting the gym. While I don’t feel there’s a true break-in period for these shoes, I wanted to provide a thorough review for them.

Magnum Intrepid HPiMy initial impression of the Intrepid’s quality was that these shoes were built to withstand some severe punishment. The heel is constructed with Vibram technology to absorb shock for different terrains. The sturdy speed lace loops and ion mask (surface covering) which assist in repelling water are well executed features. The heel’s cup actually supports the ankles by providing maximum support to deter roll. Magnum claims to use Seamless Upper Zone Engineering (SUZE), to allow the shoe to mold to the contour of your foot. I found this very helpful. We have all purchased a new pair of shoes and felt they were not really made for your foot. The Intrepid fit my foot like a glove. This gave me the confidence to hit the trails without any hesitation.

The first few miles and I felt as if I was running on clouds. This felt different because I do suffer from foot problems and I was able to endure the start of the run without hesitation. This is very important to anyone who wants to seriously workout with any hinderances. Having any injury which can preclude you from obtaining your fitness goals. After the first ten miles on the Intrepids, I felt confident I could keep moving.

One aspect I truly admired, was the ability to perform awkward (side to side, ankle busting) exercises and did not have any slips or loss of control. One feature the Intrepids allow is for the user to remove the inserts. I like this as I use inserts for my foot issues. But this would also allow you to remove them for a good cleaning. An absolute asset in keeping your gym mates happy and the family as well. The only real complaint I have was the dye rubbed off on some new white socks I had recently purchased. But after a few washes and I was good to go.

In conclusion; I have experience with many different brands of training shoes but the Magnum Intrepid HPi offers a step above some of the top name brands out there. For our readers who are looking to get out there running in the neighborhood or the trails, you don’t want to leave home without these shoes. The folks at Magnum Boots truly know the science behind footwear. I know that some of our readers may find the MSRP of $160.00 a little steep, but keep in mind that not only are you paying for quality, but longevity seems to a good trait the Intrepids have.

Stay prepared folks.


Magnum Intrepid HPi

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