Preparedness Includes Today

I just read an interesting article which referred to a Gallop survey suggesting that approximately 60 million Americans do not have enough money to feed their families, let alone themselves. I am usually skeptical when it comes to surveys as I know data can be exaggerated to benefit whomever the survey is for. Even if this number was anywhere near accurate, alarms should go off. While this is no surprise and has been festering since what occurred in 2008, it still needs to be addressed. So I decided to let all of our readers know that preparedness is not just for the upcoming SHTF scenario, or what have you. It is also for the here and now!!

Everyone is feeling the financial pinch unless you are independently wealthy. While some folks are cutting back on non-essential items, others are cutting back on necessary items. It is apparent that food is one of the essentials in which some people are doing without. So what can you do to make sure you can feed you and your family? Start by checking your local grocer’s weekly advertisement. You will definitely find some items that are on special which were on your grocery list anyhow. There are folks who do not do this (I used to be one of them), and they are not only missing out on saving some cash, but some great deals as well.

Now how could you really save some money? Use coupons. The average person spends a good amount of time on the Internet each day. So why not use it to look for coupons for your favorite products? There are websites like that have a good amount of coupons for a variety of products. Spending some time hitting the web could save you big bucks in the long run. Remember that some stores do honor manufacturer and competitor coupons, so it would not hurt to check.

Last but not least, become an educated shopper. The generic or store brands are just as good as the name brand items. Though the savings could be anywhere from a few cents to a couple of dollars; it all adds up over time. Good luck and happy hunting!

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