First Time Shooting the Mosin Scout

Got the Mosin Scout out for the first time this weekend and ran a couple of boxes of 7.62x54R Bulgarian steel cased through it. Here are a couple of observations plus the video shooting it.

  • Balance is outstanding. Far lighter even than an M44 carbine and the weight is centered well over the middle of the gun.
  • I love pulling up on target with both eyes open. No eye fatigue and I can find the target super fast.
  • Recoil is pretty stiff but not unmanageable. I’m going to get a Mosin recoil pad/length of pull spacer to make it more comfortable for my neck and ape arms.
  • Mosins are long known as loud guns. With the 20″ barrel this sucker is a boomer and spits a foot wide fireball routinely.
  • Finally, the trigger is TERRIBLE. Unacceptable for a rifle that will need to be touted for speed & accuracy. Speed it has, accuracy needs work and the trigger is the first to get attention.

Seeing as how the barrel is basically sporterized, I believe I’ll have my gunny cut a target crown into it for added accuracy and uniformity with gas dispersement when the bullet exits.

From our friends at Haus of Guns

Mosin Scout Rifle

Mosin Scout Rifle

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