Gear Preview: 8 Legs Web Belts

You are out and about and you need to tie or restrain something. You don’t have any rope or string on you, so what could you do? If you have visited survival gear sites and the such, you are familiar with the paracord bracelets and lanyards, but rarely do we see belts. I ran across 8 Legs Web Belts and found some really neat looking belts made out of paracord.


Knife Lanyards

The folks at 8 Legs Web Belts offer products such as belts, koozies, and knife lanyards; but two products that really have me excited are a rifle sling and a product called the Endura Loop Survival Tool. This is a neat tool because it incorporates several survival tools into the one product. The folks at 8 Legs use 7 core strand, 550 pound test made in the U.S.A. paracord for all of their products.

One aspect of their gear is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have to use the Endura Loop in a survival situation, you can send the unwrapped components to 8 Legs and they all rewrap it for free. Very cool! If you are in the market for some paracord gear, give 8 Legs a look.

Stay safe out there!

Endura Loop

Endura Loop Survival Tool


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